About us

Awakening the Child’s Body Soul & Spirit

UDIS is the fastest growing institution in the field of education by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of experience in various fields. The school is located at Hajipur, which is the centre of the city. It is 2 km away from the Hajipur bus Stand & Railway Station and 22 km away from Patna Junction. We are coming up with another large campus in the same vicinity for senior classes with even better facilities to compete with the best in class.

Established with a vision of providing quality education affordable to all sections of society, UDIS aspires to be one of the best educational institutions in Eastern India. The school provides the fullest opportunity for all-round development of students In addition to scholarly pursuits.

At UDIS we foster an educational environment that emphasises on taking personal responsibility for individual attention and building self-esteem for an all-round development of the students. We believe in employing traditional methods for inculcating moral and ethical values in the students without losing the global perspective required to face the tough and competitive outside world today. The academics are taught with a modern approach aiming at understanding the practical aspects of the subjects being covered through learning, enquiry and problem solving.

The students are also encouraged to air their ideas and views. One of the unique features at UDIS is building trust in a student-teacher relationship through easy accessibility and effective interaction. The comprehensively planned school campus has spacious building, sprawling grounds, and several other amenities which cover all aspects of modern training and conditioning.

Create a synergy of modern teaching tools and innovative learning techniques to create extraordinary academic environment.

Our mission is to develop young learners with active and creative minds

1. To make learning a joyful experience

2. To think independently, instilling in them a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs

3. To promote self-discipline, motivation, a sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning

4. To nurture the young minds in developing skills which makes them independent holistic learners empowered for life

5. To help the toddlers of today grow into better human beings who make this Earth a better place to live in future”

Principal's Message

UDIS Hajipur is an Academic and Residential Community created with a vision of shaping young minds through creation of a nurturing & friendly educational environment. Our mission is to make learning a joyful experience and nurture the young minds to aspire for high levels of excellence and get them prepared for the real world outside. Our vision is to strive for academic achievement through enquiry, problem solving, learning within a holistic educational environment. We are committed to preservation of traditional Indian values & culture without ignoring the global perspective. All our faculty members are dedicated towards the growth and development of all our students believing each one of them is unique and need individual attention and care. We look forward to an effective partnership between parents and School through regular interaction and active involvement.

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